Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will happen with Fermi High School once it is closed?
A. The decision around the use of Fermi High School after the schools are consolidated is out of scope for the Enfield High School Building Committee. This is a decision that will be made by the Board of Education and the Town Council.

Q. How will students be kept safe during construction?
A. Student safety will be treated as the highest priority. Construction activities should never create any hazard for the surrounding community members. The separation of construction operations from campus activities is paramount for everyone's safety. Protection will be in place to isolate students and the general public from all construction areas.

Enfield High School administration will provide regular communications to students regarding expectations during construction, changes in transportation routes, areas of access, impact of staging, and other pertinent information. Parents will receive similar communications via the website and at Parent Advisory Council meetings.

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks and drug screening will be mandatory for all workers by the school administration prior to their access to the site with the results issued to the school superintendent. All workers will have a project-issued security badge or a hard hat sticker authorizing access to the site.

Additionally, all trade contractors will be required to participate in a safety orientation when they report to work. It will include a review of procedures for working near the existing school operations, appropriate attire and behavior, parking restrictions, and break areas.

Q. My student is interested in going into a trade after graduation. Will there be any opportunity for students to follow the construction process while it is in progress?
A. There will be several opportunities for both Enfield High and Fermi students to become involved in the construction process. Students should notify their current Guidance Counselor of their interest so as opportunities come up they can be included. The Building Committee is working with the school system on the Workforce Development program and the ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) program. Gilbane will conduct scheduled site tours at critical project milestone dates and events or as requested by the school system. They will conduct exterior building and interior construction progress tours. During the tours Gilbane on site staff will provide a description of the building materials that are being used on the project as well as describing the means and methods including safety procedures that are being implemented by the various trades involved on the project.

Q. How will parking be impacted and how many spaces will there be once construction is complete?
A. As we go through the different phases of construction, beginning in May, 2014, the onsite parking will be impacted. The administration plans to include any information regarding site changes in their regular communications to students, faculty, and parents. Once construction is complete there are 666 parking spaces planned for the site, more parking than is currently at both high schools combined. Frequently Asked Questions