Quality of Life

Quality of Life goals:
To create an environment throughout the Town of Enfield that enhances the mobility and recreational opportunities of residents, the attraction of customers to businesses, and a community feel that attracts homeowners and long-term renters.

Creation of Community Center
  • Creation of Community Center Committee
  • Selection of site
  • Refurbishment of facility
  • Referendum - 2016
  • Opening of a centrally-located community center to include Library, Rec, E-TV, EMS
Additional Bicycle/Pedestrian Paths
Dedication to the planning, design, and development of interconnected bicycle and pedestrian pathway through Town that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Completion & Adoption of "Complete Streets" plan
  • Develop priority listing of phase-in of paths & bikeways
  • Obtain funding
Expand Greenways/Walkways
Expansion of current and development of new greenways and walkways to effectuate additional bicycle/pedestrian pathways.
  • Identify priority phase-in of new connections per the current POCD
  • Work with owners of properties for acquisition and/or easements
Riverfront Recapture
Purchase of adjacent land along the CT River to develop recreational and open space land and encourage improvements.
  • Complete design of CT River Access Project
  • Acquisition of relevant properties
  • Develop connections with public to River
  • Riverfront Development Process
Outdoor Concerts/Events
Coordinating and scheduling events throughout Town, especially Downtown, that attract people outside and provide additional entertainment opportunities.
  • Outdoor movies
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Parades/Marches/Demonstrations
  • Recreational events
    • Games
    • Races
    • Walks
  • Concession agreements for Pond/Riverfront activities