CEC History

Working Toward Clean Energy

The Clean Energy Committee was originally established by Resolution 9451, adopted at the Regular Meeting of the Town Council on October 15, 2007. The purpose of the committee is to promote clean power options; encouraging the development of renewable energy in Enfield; and making recommendations to the Town Council for purposes of achieving the town’s goals stated herein.

This Committee will work with the Town Staff and shall be comprised of 7 residents of the town for terms of 4 years except for the initial appointment where 2 members shall be appointed for 2 years, 2 members for 3 years, and 3 members for 4 years. Appointments shall be made pursuant to section 9(c) of the Policy and Procedure Manual for Enfield Town Council (4-3-2006).

Over the last few years the Committee has worked on a variety of Clean Energy related matters and events:

  • Energy Fairs
  • Began benchmarking Town owned properties
  • Municipal Energy Challenge
  • Partnered with the CT Clean Energy Fund for the Community Innovations Grant Program
  • Researched, investigated and promoted numerous Clean Energy matters for the Town
  • And more!

Over the coming year Clean Energy Committee will continue to make efforts to promote and encourage the use of Clean Energy within the Town of Enfield.